Be it an amateur enthusiast of gemstones or an expert in gemological studies, the beauty and worth of the Emerald is simply beyond comparison. The reputation of the gemstone thus goes beyond general knowledge of gemstones, garnering it a mass appeal. Nevertheless, before purchasing an emerald, you would naturally want to learn a bit about the gemstone. Without further ado thus, read on.

The popularity and fame of Emerald despite having a global outreach, disguise the fact that it is a very rare stone, which only goes on to magnify its value. Emerald is a gemstone that falls in the Beryl category of minerals. Chunks of the mineral are not exactly unrecognisable; coming in sizes that go up to a foot in height, anyone with a solid interest in gemology ought to recognise an emerald chunk. The countries of South America are renowned to be the leading exporters of the gemstone, with the countries Colombia and Brazil coming up as the leaders. Emeralds, as is well known, come in various shades of green. In a general manner of speaking, the colour of emeralds is region-specific; usually, a natural source of emeralds produces gemstones in a colour that is specific to and characteristic of that region. It is indeed true that Western cultures predominantly use emeralds for aesthetic purposes such as embellishing jewelleries and accessories, which the gemstones promptly fulfil given their beauty, but they also serve a far more important, astrological purpose in Oriental cultures.

Coming to the arsenal of astrological benefits and powers the stone has to its name, one would be more than sufficiently impressed. Emerald is known far and wide as the gemstone of Uranus, visually symbolising in its elemental structure, the planet’s greenish hue. Emeralds are known to be harbingers of economic fortune. People are recommended to wear emeralds when they are seeking a financial influx. The gemstone is also known to bring emotional stability to the wearer, making them prudent and level-headed in their choices. In a more general sense, Emerald is considered to be the definitive gemstone of those associated with academia. The gemstone is considered to be extremely auspicious and helpful regarding intellectual pursuits, and is said to grant knowledge to those who seek it. Emeralds are known to be extremely beneficial for those who are struggling with communication skills; the stone is known to improve the expressive capabilities of its wearer, allowing them to foster new relationships and ascend the social ladder. Derivatively, it also improves the oratory skills of its wearer by leaps and bounds, making itself be extremely coveted to public speakers and politicians.

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