There’s a saying that “Comparison is the thief of joy” because when you are comparing yourself to another person it deflects and downgrades your achievements. That is why one should not compare himself to anyone but himself to his previous self. That comparison will only bring you happiness or sound gratitude. But comparing two products to each other is in no way a bad idea because those are materialistic things and they don’t contain any feelings and comparing them is a good idea for the consumers and a good practice for the producers of the product to bring out their best.

If we talk about comparison in the gaming space it also does bring out the best in other video games. Like comparing valorant to Counter-Strike. When both of the game’s fan base demands the other’s game’s features in their game to make it more versatile. My point is that comparing two products and demanding the importance of each other is a necessary tool for the betterment of the product.

In this blog we will talk about two of the biggest games in the multiplayer online battle arena genre Team Fight Tactics and League of Legends. While both of these games are from the same company Team Fight Tactics is kind of a sub-game of League of Legends. TFT’s popularity has escalated exponentially and now it is gaining popularity day by day. So in this blog, I will talk about the concurrent players in each of these games, and at the end, we are going to find out which game is more popular.

Team Fight Tactics:

Team Fight Tactics was released in July 2019. It is an in-client game of League of Legends and because of that, it grew way more quickly than it would independently. The game now has a full e-sport circuit under it and it brings around. Although team fight tactics don’t have any metrics website to see the numbers of players. However, it is estimated that TFT brings around 20 to 25 million players a month. Keep in mind that it is a sub-client game of League of Legends. So hold your horses before jumping to any conclusions. I will elaborate on the number of both games in a bit but let’s go to the next game.

League of Legends:

League of Legends is a moba game that was released back in 2010 by Riot Games Inc. The game was a direct competitor to Valve’s notorious game Dota. Although Dota was older than League of Legends and because of that it had way more players than League after a few years and a succession in Asian countries League of Legends became way bigger. League of Legends is the industry leader in the gaming space. If we talk about numbers there’s not a single game insight of League of Legends that pulls even half of the numbers as League of Legends does. As of last month, over 117 million players played League of Legends and that number is quite a regular thing for League of Legends. While League of Legends doesn’t have as much money in their yearly world championship as Dota 2’s international all and behold they are the biggest e-sports in terms of numbers.

Now that we have the base for both of the games I will include a table comparing how many players play the game on a daily and monthly basis and after that surely we will have our answer to the question of Do people play TFT more or LOL.


Team fight tactics:

As of last month, the monthly peak in team fight tactics was at around 20 to 25 million. It is an approximation because you can not see how many players logged into the game and played because it is not published or allowed by Riot Games. The number that I have given is an educated guess because unlike Steam where you can see any game’s concurrent player count riot does’nt have that system in any of its games.

League of Legends:

As i mentioned earlier league of Legends is the undisputed king in the gaming space. So you might expect its concurrent numbers to be higher than any other game on the planet and you are not wrong in assuming that. Because last month the game got around 130 million players in December alone and when there’s a League of Legends yearly world championship the numbers go up to 150 million and 20 million daily players.


Now that I have compared enough data about both of these games. We now know that Team Fight tactics are nowhere near League of Legends. Because Tft has around 20 million monthly players but League of Legends does 5x That amount regularly. So it’s not even a competition between the two games. People play League of Legends way more than Team Fight Tactics. So this comparison was not for concluding which game is better than which nor it does answer the question of lol or TFT. Which one is better? Because both of the games aren’t like each other. Team fight tactics is an auto battler where you have to put your champions on a board and let them fight with each other with no input once the round starts but in League of Legends you always have an input in the game for every second. Which is better depends on your taste in video games. If you want to play a laid-back game you can play Tft or if you want to get competitive and have as much control as you wish play League of Legends.